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The University of Craiova was founded within the university center system in Romania in the second half of the 20th century, being, chronologically, the fifth university in the country, following the ones in Iasi, Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, and Timisoara. The efforts to set up a university centre in the heart of the region of Oltenia were completed by the passing of the Law no. 138/April 25, 1947, thus permitting the founding and organization of the University of Craiova. more

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The University of Veliko Tarnovo was founded in 1963, as Brothers Cyril and Methodius Higher Institute of Education and on 14 October 1971 it was established as Bulgaria’s second university under its current name St Cyril and St Methodius University of Veliko Turnovo. The year was deliberately chosen: 600 years earlier, in the fall of 1371, Euthymius, the renowned theologian and writer and later Bulgarian Patriarch, returned from Mount Athos to establish the medieval Turnovo Literary School. more

Florin Pasatoiu. For the time being, he is the project director in three pilot projects financed via the European Social Fund and the European Regional Development Fund: Modernization and Performance of the Local Public Administration, financed by the Ministry of Domestic Affairs, Maximizing Comparative Advantages in Cross- Border Regions, financed by the Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism, and University – a pole for innovation and development, financed by the Ministry of Labor, Family and Social Protection. more
Email: florinpasatoiu@central.ucv.ro

Nicolae Panea is vice-rector of the University of Craiova since 2004. He is one of the best known researchers in the domain of popular culture in Romania. His work consists of more than 50 papers published in Romania and abroad and 10 books (Social and Cultural Anthropology, Folklore as a form of spiritual archeology, Asphalt Gods, Limits of an Anthropology of the Urban, The Grammar of the Funeral). Prof. Panea is member in the scientific committee of Journal of Ethnology and Folklore published by the Romanian Academy, member of the International Society for Ethnography and Folklore, member in the scientific committee of the Journal "Quaderni di studi italiani e romeni" (director Marco Cugno), Torino, Italy and member in the governmental committee for cultural heritage.
Email: npanea@yahoo.com

Dumitru Otovescu is the research coordinator for the project ”Maximizing comparative advantages of the border regions”. He is a Phd Professor and the dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Craiova. He is also the director of the Doctoral School of History and Sociology from University of Craiova and the director of the Oltenia Social Institute-Craiova.
Email: dumitruotovescu@yahoo.com

Paul Rinderu is a professor in "Quality Management", "Computational Mechanics", "Biomechanics", "Communication, Negotiation and Partnership", "Strategic Management" and "Financing Programs of the EU" at the University of Craiova. He is Vice President of the Regional Employment Pact (European Social Fund foreseen project) and also director and member in the project management team of PHARE, TEMPUS and Leonardo da Vinci projects', with a focus on projects directed to education, quality assurance, transparency of academic qualifications, entrepreneurship education, structural funds management, education for disadvantaged groups and dissemination of EU-related information.
Email: rinderiu_paul@yahoo.fr

Maria-Cristina Frăsie is PhD Associate Professor at the University of Craiova. She coordinates the Department for the Research and the Study of the Human Rights, at the Oltenia Social Institute, the University from Craiova . Her scientific and academic studies are concretized in the publishing of 7 books of which singular author she is, over 58 articles in national and international magazines. She is the director of a European project and member of the researching stuff in six grants. She is affiliated to widely-recognized organizational and professional structures and member of the editorial staff at some publications, representative for the Academic society from Craiova.
Email: cristinafrasie@gmail.com

Cristina Pasatoiu is a PdD student at Craiova University – Faculty of Economy and Business Administration. She has broad expertise on European Policies, Institutions and Structural Funds, built up for the past 10 years both in terms of education as well as practice. In terms of education, she graduated the Faculty of Economy and Business Administration – International Relation Section, continued with a Master on European Policies at Aalborg University, Denmark and she is consolidating her studies with a PhD Theses on Regional Development and Structural Funds. In what regards the practical aspect, she followed a 3 months traineeship to Mission of Romania, Brussels in 2006 and activates in civil society since 2000 as: project manager, international department coordinator, general secretary, fund raiser, expert and consultant.
Email: cristina.pasatoiu@ardr.ro

Cristina Ilie Goga is assistant professor at Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Craiova. She is a Phd. student at Doctoral School – specialization: Sociology, University of Craiova. She graduated both Sociology and Law school and also two masters ”Public law and criminal science” (Faculty of Law) and ”Community development and European integration” (Faculty of Social Sciences). Currently she is a lawyer in the Dolj Bar. She works in the management team of two projects: :Maximizing comparative advantages in the border regions", funded by the Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism and the project ”University - pole of innovation and development”, funded by the Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Protection.
Email: cristin_il@yahoo.com

Radu Petcu is a Lecturer specializing in Political Science and Political Sociology at the Department for International Relations and European Studies, University of Craiova. As of 2009, Radu Petcu is also carrying out research projects at the Institute for Development Policies. Undertaken projects so far, national as well as international, both accomplished and in progress, span across several research areas worth mentioning: Public Administration Modernization and Reform, Local Public Administration and NGO sector reports, Democracy and Development, Corporate Social Responsibility, Cross-border Cooperation, Youth Involvement in Democratic Practice through Participation and Empowerment, Regionalization Patterns and Trends, Public Institutions and Policies, Social Modernization.
Email: radu.petcu@ardr.ro.

Ionut Serban is a specialist in International Relations and Diplomacy. Since 2007, he worked as project manager or in management teams grants in International Relations, Diplomacy and Jean Monnet modules. Ionut Serban is secretary of the Institute for the Study of International Relations and Director of the Institute of European Studies and International Relations at the University of Craiova. Ionut Serban as one author published the book The idea of revolution in Romania and in collaboration the third Volume of the State and Society in Europe. Author of over 20 studies and articles in international databases, participated in numerous national and international conferences that led diplomacy and international relations issues.
Email: johnutzserban@yahoo.com

Liana Smadoi is a financial expert with over 11 years of experience in book keeping and financial statements. She is licensed in Finance and Banks, graduated the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration at the University of Craiova and she has a MBA in Management of Public Organizations graduated at the same institution. She also graduated the program „Expert in Accounting for European Structural and Cohesion Funds regarding Public Institutions” and her work experience is a mixt one, both in the private sector and also in the public one. She speaks fluently English and French and her current job is financial administrator in the Economic-Financial department at the University of Craiova.

Alexandra Sandu holds the position of HR Director – Payroll department – at the University of Craiova, where she also teaches at the Faculty of Law "Nicolae Titulescu". Professor Sandu is member of the Teaching Council of the same Faculty and member in the University Senate, responsible for Budget and Finance matters.

Vihren Ianakiev Bouzov, Professor, Project Coordinator for Bulgarian side. Тaught courses – Political Strategies, Philosophy of Law, Logic, European Political Theories XXth Century. Dean of Philosophical Faculty (2003-2007; 2007-2011) Deputy Dean resp. Education1999-2003; Deputy Dean resp. Science and International Cooperation (june 2011-present day). Areas of scientific research interest: Philosophy of Law, Logic of Social Sciences, Political Strategies (Political Game Theory), European Integration, Security Policies (Global and Regional Development).
Email: v.bouzov@gmail.com

Teodora Ivanova Kaleynska is an associate professor, lecturing in European integration, European Programmes and Projects, Political Philosophy, Theory of Democracy, Introduction to Politics. She is founder and president of the Board of the European Information Centre, which hosts since 1997 (to 2007) the regional information and documentation centre of the Council of Europe; since 2000 and now – the European documentation centre of EC and since 2007 now – the Europe DIRECT Centre for Veliko Turnovo Region. For the period 2007-2010, Dr Kaleynska had been leading the Office of the Council of Europe to Bulgaria in Sofia. Dr Kaleynska has been a project leader of more than 120 projects under PHARE and different EU programmes. more
Email: kaleynska@abv.bg

Pencho Stoyanov Penchev. Regional Governor of Veliko Tarnovo. Author of over 100 scientific publications in Bulgarian and international publications, monographs, studies, books, articles and reports in the field of management, small business and sustainable development. Lecturer of "Fundamentals of Management", "Organizational Development", "Sustainable Development" and "Management skills". Participant in projects at the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Environment and Water, Ministry of State Administration and Administrative Reform. Project Manager at the Ministry of Education and Science - "needs of the municipality of financial resources under the operational programs."
Email: governor@vt.e-gov.bg

Baiko Petkov Baikov. Professor, Dean of the Faculty of Economics. Member of "Association of economic historians in Bulgaria", "Bulgarian Association of Political Science", Association "Liberal Academy", "Balkan Economic Association". He is also Regional Coordinator of the Association "Civil Alliance for Democratic Society", Coordinator of the project "Sustainable urban tourism", Coordinator of the project "Institutional development of NGOs in Bulgaria". Hes research interests are in Political marketing and political branding.
Email: b.baikov@uni-vt.bg

Venka Petrova Kouteva-Tsvetkova is an associate professor on didactics and theory of education. For the time being she is lecturing on social work at school, social consulting, social forecasting in the faculties of Philosophy, Education, Economics and History in the University of Veliko Tarniovo. Her research interests are in social pedagogy, social work at school, social welfare, sociology of education. Author of 5 books, 3 textbooks and over 60 publications on mentioned topics.
Email: venkakouteva@yahoo.com

Angelina Miroslavova Markovska has a Ph.D. in Political Science since 2008. At the moment, she lectures in the History of International Relations, Theory of International Relations, Political Culture, Comparative Political System and other courses. Her research interests are mainly related to international relation after the Cold War, the Balkan’s policy making, public policies, NGOs and think-tanks. Involved in several Research Projects: (1)  2007- YouGaz Project; was working as Administrative assistant; (2) 2008- National Security Project, Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria, working as co-organizer of Conference in National Security and lector; (3) 2009-2011- "Academic Forum on Security Problems" supported by the University of Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria, working as co-organizer of Conference and lector.
Email: markovska@abv.bg

Violeta Petrova Georgieva (Stoycheva), Chief Assistant Professor. MA in History, Requalification in Marketing and Company Management. She has taught Methodology of History Teaching. Areas of scientific research interest: Didactics and Methodology of History teaching, Everyday life during Socialism, Gender equality, Oral history, Nonviolent education, Civic education. She is an Expert of education at the European Information Center (EIC) in Veliko Tarnovo. An author and co-author of history textbooks and teachers’ guides and manuals for various levels of history teaching in school, she has also had more than 50 publications in Bulgaria and abroad.
Email: violetvt@gmail.com

Dimiter Petkov Tsvetkov has a Ph.D. in Mathematic since 1994 and is a vice professor on mathematics both in the University of Veliko Tarnovo and in the National Military University of Veliko Tarnovo since 1998. At the moment, he lectures in the various topics of applied mathematics and statistics. He's research interests are mainly related to applied statistics, informatics and computer intensive applied methods. In particular he working systematically on Item Response Theory statistical approach. Has more that 60 publications. Project site administrator.
Email: dimiter.tsvetkov@yahoo.com

Tanya Borisova Velikova is Deputy Chief Accountant of the University of Veliko Tarnovo. She is responsible for the operational finance management of the resources, processing of all primary book-keeping documents, preparation for all payments, preparation of financial reports and preparation of the intermediate reports and a final finance report. She was aplo a project accountant of the project "The Women - Active Citizens, funding programme - Grundtvig", (2006- 2007).
Email: tvelikova@abv.bg

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