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Activity 12 - Capacity Building Programme The goals of the Capacity Building program were to capitalize on the research findings and work on increasing the quality of human capital in the cross border regions. The training modules (2X 20 students from Romania and Bulgaria) were designed to take place both in the format of residential classes (1 week in Bulgaria and 1 week in Romania) and distance learning classes.

1) Residential Classes in Bulgaria (01-08.04.2012) (see photos) From 1st of April 2012 until 8th of April 2012 all 40 students participated at the first part of Capacity Building Programme, which was held in Veliko Tarnovo. They attended the lectures delivered to them by Bulgarian and Romanian experts. Students were accommodated at Hotel Premier from Veliko Tarnovo.

2) Residential Classes in Romania (22-29.04.2012) (see photos) From 22nd of April 2012 until 29th of April 2012, all 40 students attended the second part of the Capacity Building Programme, which was held in Craiova. They attended the lectures delivered to them by Bulgarian and Romanian experts. Students were accommodated at Hotel Flormang from Craiova. During this activity, 2 press conference were held. 3)Distance

Learning Classes (24th of May – 7th of June 2012) From 24th of May 2012 to 7th of June 2012, students attended the third part of the Capacity Building Programme, Distance Learning Classes. A group was created on social networking platform Facebook – “crossbgroborder”. Students and experts were enrolled in this closed group, and here were held the on-line classed. (See schedule for distance learning)

Plamen Manolov Petev, Mayor Village Sheremetya, Public Servants Veliko Turnovo
Mihail Todorov Mihailov, Private, tenant farmer, Agro-Business Gorna Orjahovica
Gabriela Dimitrova Ivanova, Kindergarden Radost, Director, Educational manager Lyaskovec
Stoiana Atanasova, teacher, Kindergarden Rodost
Zorka Shabarkova, Zlatarica City Council Member, Public servants
Anna Naidenova Pavlova, Regional Office of Education Chief Expert, Public servants, Veliko Turnovo
D-r Dobrin Dobrev, Assistant Professor , University St. Cyril and St. Methodius, Academic teachers
Denica Vasileva Uzunova, PhD Student, Teacher Mathematical School
Vanya Dobreva, Lyaskovec municipality, Expert education, Public servants Lyaskovec
Ivanka Djurova, Lyaskovec municipality Chief-expert education, Public servants Lyaskovec
Malinka Stoinova Angelova, School ‘P. Hilendarski’ Gorna Orjahovica Teacher
Milena Georgieva Dimitrova, School ‘P. Hilendarski’ Gorna Orjahovica School IT expert, Education Gorna Orjahovica
Veselin Hadjigeorgiev, Secondary School ‘D-r Vasil Beron”, Veliko Turnovo, Teacher, Education Veliko Turnovo
Sevil Hasan, ‘Initiatives for Progress’ Student Law, NGO, minoritiesVeliko Turnovo
Halil Jeihun, ‘Initiatives for Progress’ Student history and geography, NGO, minorities Veliko Turnovo
Ahmed Kuitov, Student Association of Philosophy Students, Minorities, Svishtov
Iordan Stanev, ‘Amalipe’ NGO , Roma minorities, NGO
Plamen Emanuilov, Teacher, Secondary School „Bacho KiroVeliko Turnovo
Maria Atanasova Zeliazkova, Student History, NGO, Prezident of Atelier „History and Memory”
Gabriela Georgieva Dimitrova, Student Political Scienc
Denissa Popescu- Planning officer, ADR S-V Oltenia
Marcu Nadia Nicoleta, Legal adviser, City Hall, Dabuleni
Cioană Marius, engineer, City Hall Maglavit
Cosolan Ion, legal adviser, City Hal Filiasi
Constantinescu Lidia, Supervisor -Center Sfanta Mina, DGASPC- Dolj
Ioana Pistol, Supervisor, Center Sfantul Dumitru Filiași, DGASPC- Dolj
Doina Preduț, administrator, room custodian, Oltenia Museum
Alina Maria Fota, administrator, room custodian, Oltenia Museum
Dumitrescu Lavinia, Head of department, County Library
Nastase Melania Adriana, County Library
Florescu Madalina, librarian, County Library
Constantinescu Iordana, manager, Kindergarden ”Sf. Ana”
Dagomir Carmen Marinela, Deputy Director, School with classes I-VIII No. 36, "Gheorghe Bibescu", Craiova
Mihaela Cocea, president EPYD
Pitaroiu Denisa, student, IPD
Gradinaru Radu, inspector, City Hall Bechet
Gradinaru Nicoleta, teacher, School Bechet
Cristiana Ghitalau, Head of department for elaborating projects, City Hall Craiova
Roxana Denisa Pirsoi, senior inspector, City Hall Craiova

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